Eroxon gel

Eroxon gel is pioneer and gamechanger in erectile health, Eroxon® Stimgel offers a breakthrough new solution to male erectile problems.
Eroxon® Stimgel is an accessible treatment to all men that helps them take back control of their erections. It is effective, fast, easy to use, has an excellent safety profile and is available without prescription.
Welcome back your erections 
– to improve not only your sexual performance but also your quality of life.

We feel that erectile health is a serious issue that can and should be addressed. Many men suffer from erectile dysfunction at some point in their lives, whether it is recurring or infrequent. Eroxon® StimGel was designed to encourage men to take action to regain their confidence and self-esteem.
Non-prescription treatment: topical gel application – Compatible with latex condoms and lubricants – 4 single-dose tubes

(1) It is recommended to have a check-up with a doctor within the first 6 months of using Eroxon gel to make sure that the erectile dysfunction is not the result of a serious health condition.
(2) As with all erection dysfunction treatments, sexual stimulation is necessary for Eroxon to work. Compatible with latex condoms and lubricants.

How do you use Eroxon gel?

Eroxon gel is supplied in single-use tubes. The contents of the tube are rubbed onto the head of the penis for 15 seconds immediately before sexual intercourse.

How does Eroxon work?

Eroxon gel includes a blend of volatile solvents that, when applied to the head of the penis, rapidly evaporate, triggering nerve sensors in the glans penis through an initial cooling effect followed by a recovery warming effect. This temperature, contact, and pressure impact causes the natural release of nitric oxide, which triggers the relaxation of the corporal cavernosal smooth muscle tissue within the penis, resulting in increased blood flow and the penis stiffening and expanding into an erection.

Does Eroxon really work?
Clinical studies have shown that Eroxon is an effective treatment for ED. In one study, men who used Eroxon reported significant improvements in their ability to achieve and maintain an erection, as well as improvements in overall sexual satisfaction.29 Apr 2023



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