Circadin 2mg

Circadin 2mg is used to improve sleep quality and morning alertness in patients over the age of 55 who have poor sleep quality.

Melatonin (not of plant or animal origin), the active ingredient in CIRCADIN, is a naturally occurring hormone produced in the body.
Melatonin acts by regulating circadian rhythms and boosting sleep proclivity.

Your doctor, however, may
prescribe CIRCADIN for another
If you have any queries about why it was recommended for you, consult your doctor or chemist.

This medicine is only available
with a doctor’s prescription.
CIRCADIN is not addictive.
Before you take
When you must abstain
If you are allergic to CIRCADIN or any of the substances indicated at the end of this leaflet, do not take it.

Shortness of breath, wheezing or difficulty breathing, swelling of the cheeks, lips, tongue, or other regions of the body, or rash, itching, or hives on the skin are all symptoms of an allergic reaction.
If you have been drinking alcohol, intend to drink alcohol, or feel you may have alcohol in your bloodstream, do not take CIRCADIN.

Do not take CIRCADIN if you are
pregnant or breast-feeding.
CIRCADIN has not been studied
in pregnant or breast-feeding
Take it no later than the expiry date mentioned on the package.
If you take it after the expiry date, it might not work as well. The expiration date is the final day of the month.
If the packaging is torn or exhibits signs of tampering, do not take it.

If you are not sure whether you
should start taking CIRCADIN talk
to your doctor.
Before you start to take it
Tell your doctor if:
1. you have any allergies to any
other medicines or any other
substances, such as foods,
preservatives or dyes.
2. you are pregnant or plan to
become pregnant
3. you are breast-feeding or
planning to breast-feed
4. you have, or have had the
following medical conditions:
 suffer from liver
 suffer from kidney
 If you suffer from an
autoimmune disease
 have a rare hereditary
problem of galactose
intolerance, the LAPP
lactase deficiency or


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