Cilique pill

Cilique is a type of hormonal contraception called the combined pill. Each pill contains a small amount of two different female hormones called progesterone (norgestimate) and oestrogen (ethinylestradiol).

Most women take Cilique to prevent pregnancy, but it can also be used as a treatment for heavy or painful periods. Cilique contains 150mcg of norgestimate and 30mcg of ethinylestradiol.

Cilique comes in a strip of 21 pills, each marked with a day of the week. Take Cilique with water, as follows:

  1. take your 1st pill on the 1st day of your period
  2. you should take the pill at the same time each day 
  3. take your pill on the correct day of the week, as marked on the pack 
  4. take a 7 day break from the pill before starting the next pack

During the 7 day break, you’ll get what is known as a ‘withdrawal bleed’ which is like a period. 

You do not need to use extra contraception during the 7 day break. But you should make sure you start the next strip of pills on time to continue being protected from pregnancy. 

What should I do if I miss a pill?

  • If you miss a pill and remember within 24 hours, you should take the missed pill and then take the next pill at the normal time. You will still be protected from getting pregnant
  • If you forget to take your pill for more than 24 hours, you may be at risk of getting pregnant. Follow our doctor’s guidance on what to do, or check the patient information leaflet

Other ways of taking Cilique

There are other ways of taking Cilique which are not mentioned in the patient information leaflet, but which are also safe. You can:

  • take 1 pill a day for 9 weeks then no pills for the next 7 days, or you can take a 4 day break
  • take 1 pill a day every day with no break


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